Harwood Arts
John is a master craftsman with over 40 years experience. He brings his own style that includes flavors from his love of sailing and his time in the Southwest.

Apprentice/Jr. Partner, Firesigns Silversmiths, North Conway, NH 1970-1976

Principal, Harwood Associates, North Conway, NH 1978 - 1982

Principal, Firesigns Inc., North Conway, NH 1982

Principal, Firesigns, Inc, Sedona, AZ 1982-1984

Vice President, Artesania Art Plaza Owners Association, Sedona AZ 1984-1985

Contract Jeweler; custom designs and repairs, Long's Jewelers, Wellesley/Burlington/Boston/Braintree MA 1987-1992

In-house Jeweler, Long's Jewelers, Boston MA 1992-1994

In-house Jeweler, Joel Bagnel's, Wellesley MA 1994-1997

In-house Jeweler, Whegman Jewelers, Boston MA 1997-1998

In-house Jeweler, Stucchi Jewelers, Natick MA 1998-2010

Principal, Harwood Arts, Gallery 55, Natick MA 2010-present