his is a story about a commitment to creativity and the pursuit of producing original artwork born in the light and reflections of our physical world. Inspirations evoked from years of sailing the backwaters of Maine or miles hiked while living in the wilds of northern New Hampshire where the cabin's heat came solely from the wood you could harvest and split. These experiences have been manifested, for many decades, in a large body of unique and authentically designed handcrafted works of art made from fine silver, gems, clay and other minerals from our planet. 

John and Sue Ellen Harwood have expressed these qualities by intentionally pursuing this life of art, seeking out energy and inspiration from their marriage, nature and a relationship to their community of friends and family.

John has peacefully passed to the next world leaving behind the admiration and love of many people. His legacy of artwork is celebrated on this site as is the current artwork of Sue Ellen who continues her artistic life while embracing the emotions of her loss with a commitment to continuing a life of joy and creativity. Through the continuum of John's legacy many artists are still inspired by his work and style which are illustrated in the pages of this site.
H A R W O O D    A R T S